Academic staff from the School of Justice Studies

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PhD students:

PhD Student


Jessica Elias

Fast Fashion

Hilary Currin

Shopping in the men's department: does one size fit all? The lived experiences of female ex-service members navigating a male-dominated subculture and its impact on the 'female veteran'

Cira Breeze


Claire Humphreys

Probation Service Responses to Stalking Behaviour

Tracy Littler

Crimes against homeless people as a hate crime

Emma Ball

Exploring the effectiveness of multi-agency Safeguarding arrangements

Sarah Stirk

Comparative Analysis of the Delivery of Community Justice

David Maddox

The Role of Restorative Justice in Probation Supervision

Lucious Ofeni

The Effectiveness of Individual Placement: Charities in Offender Supervision

Duane Jenkins

Narrative Study of Post Approved Premises: Life through the perspective of ex-residents

Adam Scott

‘That’s just stuff on paper’: A case study of how the organisational culture(s) and practices of a restorative justice-led youth offending team operationalise, adapt and resist youth justice policy.