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Gain experience within the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Would you like to gain experience as a sport scientist? Lecturer? Sports technician? Student?

At the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences we offer work experience to students that provides insight into the day-to-day activities of a sport science lecturer/researcher or an undergraduate/postgraduate researcher.

If you are interested in undertaking work experience at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences or have any questions please email Gemma Miller or Matthew Andrew.

Here's what some of our work experience students thought:

Initially my fears were that when I thought about science in a school context, I thought that it would be too scientific and therefore not enjoyable. Having applied the science that I have learnt in college to the laboratories in various contexts, I found that fascinating. The experience has provided me with a great basis to explore numerous options in the sporting world.

Emily -
student from Liverpool College

There wasn’t a day during the week that I didn’t enjoy myself. The experience was very varied and enjoyable. I wasn’t sure at first whether I could cope with the content but after the week that definitely wasn’t the case. This experience has cemented my decision to pursue a career in sport and exercise science.

Rachel -
student from Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College