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Have you ever wondered what makes a multiple Olympic or Paralympic champion, how to train a world class footballer from a young age or how athletes perform under the pressure of a major event?

Well the obvious answer is they have talent and personal drive to be the best. Without these two attributes it is very difficult to be among the world's best sport performers. However, there are other contributing factors to an athlete's ability to succeed and one of those is the support team that help the athlete optimally train, compete, rest and recover from injury – they are collectively known as sport scientists. Take a look at our past events for an overview of the wide-ranging activities we have been involved in.

2022 events

2022 events

Eureka Science and Discovery Centre

Royal Society Partnership Grant – Holly Lodge and the Physical Activity Exchange

"It’s been an amazing journey working alongside our partners at Liverpool John Moores University and local children and young people to co-create some inspiring and fun content for Eureka! Science + Discovery. The sport science team’s willingness to give time, expertise and creativity to the Eureka! team and the children involved has been invaluable."

Liz Peniston -
Content and Experience Director

2020 events

2020 events

Greg Whyte supports the nation’s virtual PE Teacher Joe Wicks

Masterclasses with Professor James Morton

2019 events

2019 events

Randox Event

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

"The team are hugely grateful to LJMU for hosting their fitness testing which will now form the basis of their physical training and nutritional planning in the six-month leading in to the race"

Max Breet -
Fortitude IV

2018 events

2018 events

Perception Machine

Train Like a Warrior

Team Extreme's latest project


LightNight 2018

Randox Health Week 2018

"On behalf of us all, and everyone at Alder Hey who will benefit from the money raised on the challenge, thank you again – you rock!"

Mrs Cath Harding -
Head of Community Fundraising for Alder Hey Children's Charity

""The relationship between The Joshua Tree and the staff at LJMU was so valuable in creating such an amazing and successful event as the support offered helped to create, what we hope will be, a future annual event for all the North West and North Wales families going through and following such a traumatic time in their lives. Everyone at The Joshua Tree is looking forward to working closely and developing a strong partnership with LJMU in the future to benefit all our families." "

The Joshua Tree

2017 events

2017 events

20 Years of the Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Natural Health Service is improving health and reducing demands on services

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at LightNight

Randox Health week 2017

"There have been some outstanding moments with the students and we particularly want to thank Franny and Derry for their very generous support. Having athletes of their level involved throughout the whole Randox Health Week really added to the enjoyment of all who participated. This was all complemented by the afternoon sessions featuring world-leading authorities sharing insights into a host of fascinating topics. We look forward to next year."

A Randox Health spokesperson

"Aligning with the LightNight theme, HIIT is becoming increasingly important as ‘lack of time’ prevents many from exercising. Children and adults got involved in the different stations, from Wingate sprints to trying out LJMU’s own Home-HIIT programme. There was considerable interest in our pioneering research, with visitors wanting to know more about how they could incorporate HIIT into their daily lives."

Katie Hesketh, PhD student on Light Night

2016 events

2016 events

Anti-doping in sport

Welcome home Tim!

Face to Face at the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

CallNorthWest Forum

First International AKU Patient Workshop

2015 events

2015 events

Sport scientists support European Researchers Night

F2FSS at Liverpool's Light Night 2015

2014 events

2014 events

F2FSS at The Commonwealth Games 2014

F2FSS travels North

Face to Face with Sports Science at Universities UK

Let's Talk Research: Big Comedy Workshop

BBC Sport Relief gets Face to Face with Sports Science

2013 events

2013 events

Type 1 diabetes and exercise day

Turbo Boost for RISES

The One Show

Radio 5 Live Big Sporting Day out - June 2013

2011-2012 events

2011-2012 events

British Cardiovascular Society - May 2012

Face to Face with Sports Science - March-October 2012

If you have any questions about specific events, please use the contact information within the event details. For more general enquiries please get in touch with the School.