Promoting healthy weight in early years modules

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This online resource consists of 9 modules and a resource bank.

We recommend you complete the following two modules first, since their content underpins the modules that follow:

  1. Communicating with parents about child weight
  2. Behaviour change techniques

The order that you complete the remaining modules is up to you.

Each module contains a number of interactive activities and videos, followed by a short multiple-choice quiz to help you evaluate your learning.  

The modules will take between 15 and 60 minutes to work through (some modules are longer than others). You can see a time estimate for each module on the pictures below.

Navigating the site

Click on a module icon to start.

Each module contains a number of subsections. You can navigate through these by clicking on the image at the bottom right of each page, or use the image at bottom left to return to the main modules page.

You may re-read and return to modules as many times as you like.

To quickly locate information on a specific topic, the menu on the left contains direct links to modules and subsections.