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Interviews with Nepali women in politics

These interviews offer a unique opportunity to meet the truly inspirational women who are working to improve the political landscape of Nepal. We discover their backgrounds, their inspirations, what they have achieved and the challenges they have faced. We find out about their past and current work as well as their future plans.

Sapana Pradhan Malla

SapanaSapana has advocated to improve the legal status of women and also published extensively on the legal status of women in Nepal. As a practicing lawyer before the Supreme Court of Nepal, she has been an advocate for the rights of Nepali women in several landmark cases. Pradhan Malla has helped to achieve legal reform through a process that begins with research – that is, in determining how women are being affected by laws and then take that evidence into court.

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"I think every female should try to make herself strong in all areas, so please develop your knowledge and skills. "

Sapana Pradhan Malla -
practicing lawyer and advocate for the rights of Nepali women