Qualitative Analysis in Action

Providing a range of academics in a range of disciplines with the tools to enable the enhancement and teaching of qualitative data analysis skills.

This resource was created in collaboration with Social Science and Public Health staff and MRes students with funding and support from the LJMU Curriculum Enhancement Project scheme. Resulting in a robust toolkit utilising peer-peer training and interdisciplinary partnership, this website provides open access to semi-structured interviews with inspirational Nepali women, along with a range of resources and demonstrations of qualitative data analysis including hand-coding, Excel, Wordle and computer-assisted software NVivo. Users will be able to develop their qualitative research skills and to enable a platform within which to develop students' understanding of qualitative data analysis. 

Given the diversity of the women interviewed, this teaching resource is of value to different disciplines that have a significant or emerging qualitative field of enquiry beyond the social sciences such as education studies, health, law and social work as well as business.

This toolkit will guide students and staff through:

  • the process of content analysis by hand (coding/memos and identify themes)
  • importing the dataset into the analysis computer assisted software package, NVivo
  • exploring the interviews and evaluating a multidisciplinary range of themes
  • learning about the experiences of women in Nepal

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