Qualitative research

How to carry out qualitative research

Qualitative research has become increasingly valuable across a range of disciplines and enables holistic perspectives and deepens insights. The following section provides two guides to walk you through the how’s and why’s of qualitative data analysis and employing a hand coding method of evaluation. In using these guides along with the inspirational women of Nepal interviews, students and researchers can develop and build their qualitative analysis skills.

  • We have developed a user friendly teaching tool to enable staff and students to utilise NVivo using material that is engaging and based on real world research
  • This toolkit will also be able to teach students the importance of hand coding

View the following presentations in either format to find out more about analysing qualitative data:

NVivo Beginner's Guide

Analysis of qualitative data can be done by hand or by using computer-assisted software such as QSR International’s NVivo.

Although competence in qualitative methods and analysis is needed there is low uptake of NVivo, a qualitative data analysis computer software program. Due to this resource gap, we have developed a user friendly teaching tool that will enable staff and students to utilise NVivo more effectively by giving the resources to teach how to import, organise, code, manage and utilise many of the tools offered by NVivo.

Download the guide in any of these formats: