Interviews with inspirational women of Nepal

Qualitative Analysis in Action provides open access to interviews with inspirational women of Nepal. It creates an environment where these women's experiences can be explored, examining the gendered experiences of meanings of inspiration.

In addition the project promotes a positive image of women in Nepal at all levels and acknowledges the contribution women make to society.

Employed as a teaching resource the interviews can be utilised within:

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Nepal and further afield
  • Gender studies
  • Development studies

About the interviews

Semi-structured interviews with the women aim to identify the factors and people who inspired them and to look for commonalities and differences between their experiences. Questions were focused on discussing their family background and experience of education. They were asked about their current positions and who had supported or inspired them in their journey. They were also asked to give advice to other women.

With open access to rich detailed data, along with how-to guides you will be able to explore the themes and patterns that emerge, developing a deeper understanding of qualitative data analysis and the ways in which these women have overcome vast inequalities to succeed and become beacons of inspiration to young girls and women in Nepal.

The interviews have been broken down into the themes of:

" I was also inspired by educated women I saw from cities who were working in jobs and travelling abroad. When I saw females working in some of the big institutions, I used to dream of being like them. "

Chhing Lamu -