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Online book highlights the work being done by inspirational women in Nepal

Celebrating Womanhood: Women who inspire positive change by Dr Sara Parker and Shrijana Singh Yonjan was a natural progression from the work Sara had undertaken interviewing some of the key female figures in Nepal. It was born out of the idea that less well-known women also needed to be given a voice in order to provide a better representation of females in other sectors and areas of society in Nepal.

Over 50 stories were collected and 25 of them have been collated into this book. Women from different geographical, cultural, ethnic, socio-economical and professional sectors have been represented. These stories give the reader a flavour of the wide range of work being done on many levels by many people. Not only of relevance to Nepal, the book serves to inspire all who are working to improve women's experiences and to celebrate their achievements. Hopefully it will encourage others to share their own stories.

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