Research @LJMUNepal

Focusing on the key issues facing Nepal

For the past ten years, LJMU has developed strong teaching and research collaborations with Nepal, particularly in areas such as public health, gender and education. We believe that a stronger, multidisciplinary Nepal focused study centre within LJMU can make a significant impact upon major challenges including health and social care; while strengthening the participating Nepalese institutions in a sustainable manner. Our work will not only break the geographical and discipline boundaries but also supply the demand for knowledge and skills on key global issues that Nepal is currently facing.

Our members are recognised as an experts in their field in Nepal. We are well-connected locally in Nepal, regularly appearing on television and in the newspapers. Our research in Nepal has involved over 100 publications and has been recognised by national and international organisations.

Our four core areas of research and scholarly activities

Faq Items

Capacity building

Partnership and networking

Research and teaching

Social engagement