Research Groups

Our areas of expertise

Researchers within LJMU have wide-ranging expertise in health research methodologies extending across qualitative and quantitative methods, data analysis, computational modelling, and intervention development.

Our lab based research portfolio extends from the molecular to cellular, through tissues and organs to whole body physiology, function, biomechanics and psychology. We work as part of multidisciplinary groups alongside the public, clinical populations, clinicians and industry.

The integration of the IHR virtual infrastructure across LJMU is facilitated by the operation of interest groups that aid the exchange of knowledge, the identification of common or complementary research expertise and assist in the identification of opportunities for collaborative activities (including the supervision of postgraduate research students and joint research funding opportunities). This will enable research within a particular area to be captured, new relationships to be harboured and original knowledge exchanged. Interest groups will have a critical mass of members and will potentially grow from workshops and meetings of smaller focus groups that will serve as a starting point for discussions and preliminary collaborations. The IHR will nurture interest groups composed of staff from across the University offering a variety of different expertise and facilitate broader activities and membership than enabled by those individual structures.

We have some cross-cutting themes that run in across all research activities:

  • Digital health and technology
  • International health
  • Systematic reviews
  • Social Innovation