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The Institute for Health Research supports a culture of research and the building of capacity so membership is inclusive and open to all members of staff and students engaged in, or with an interest in health research in the broadest sense. Accessibility to all events, interest group meetings and website content is not restricted and will be open to all LJMU staff and postgraduate students, and potentially external colleagues.

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Executive Board

The IHR is governed by an Executive Board chaired by the Head of IHR, Dr Gillian Hutcheon and includes the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Scholarship, Research and Knowledge Transfer) and the four Deans of the Faculties of Science, Health, Education and Community, Engineering and Technology and Arts, Professional and Social Studies. Meetings with the executive take place biannually or when the Head of IHR needs to discuss bespoke strategic issues as they arise. The current membership is as follows:

Membership of the IHR Executive Board


Head of IHR

Dr Gillian Hutcheon

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Professor Robin Leatherbarrow

Dean of Faculty of Education, Health and Community

Professor Phil Vickerman

Dean of Faculty of Science

Professor Peter Wheeler

Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Professor Ahmed Al-Shamma’a

Dean of Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies

Professor Joe Yates

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board consisting of representatives from Schools, Research Centres and Institutes across the University with an interest in health research serves to focus, expand, facilitate, and modernise the research activities of the members. In the future, other researchers or external representatives may be asked to join this board if appropriate. The Advisory Board also serves to insure parity in the research and staffing policies across the IHR and strategically align research priorities with investment in infrastructure. This board will meet bimonthly during 2017 as the institute re-establishes itself and quarterly thereafter.

Membership of the IHR Advisory Board


Head of Institute for Health Research 

Gillian Hutcheon

Associate Dean Research: Education, Health and Community

David Morley

Associate Dean Research: Science

Keith George

Associate Dean Research: Engineering and Technology

Jin Wang

Representative: Arts, Professional and Social Studies

Daniel Silverstone

Representative: Research Innovation Services

Alan Welby

Representative: Public Health Institute

Kate Fleming

Representative: Computing

Paulo Lisboa

Representative: General Engineering Research Institute

Mark Murphy

Representative: Natural Sciences and Psychology

Helen Poole

Representative: Nursing and Allied Health

Ian Jones

Representative: Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Charles Morecroft

Representative: Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences
Doctoral Training representative

Claire Stewart


Coordinators lead the activities of each interest group will then report progress and successes to the advisory board on an annual basis. There will be a balance of interest groups across disease states, health areas, methodologies and technologies and it is anticipated that an individual interest group will contain a broad range of researchers from different disciplines.

Interest Group


Healthy Behaviours

Keith George

Preventative and Predictive Modelling

Paulo Lisboa

Integrated Care

Helen Poole

Cardiovascular Health

Ian Jones

Sensors for Health

Andy Shaw/Alex Mason

Children’s Health

Lorna Porcellato

Green Spaces

Zoe Knowles

Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs (IPEDs)

Jim McVeigh

Food, Nutrition and Health

Ian Jones/Julie Abayomi

Workforce Education

Raphaela Kane