Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Group leaders

Dr Kehinde Ross, Dr Alistair Fielding

About the Group

We are focussed on delivering solutions to 21st century healthcare challenges related to cancer therapy, tissue repair, neurodegenerative disorders and respiratory diseases through chemistry, molecular bioscience and nanomedicine.

Research Themes

  • Biodegradable nanocarrier systems
  • Brain-targeted therapeutics
  • Nucleic acid therapeutics
  • Cancer therapeutics
  • Pandemic biotherapeutics

Cross-cutting themes

In collaboration with other IHR groups and research centres.

  • Mathematical and statistical modelling to understand the biological and mechanical processes
  • Data science and artificial intelligence (AI)to derive predictive tools
  • Statistics to optimise experimental design

PhD Students

  • Petra Adamova
  • Ismail Al-Saadi
  • Maria Apostolou
  • Aderemi Bolarinwa
  • Yomi Benson
  • Lauren Coan
  • Adam Crockett
  • Thomas Daley
  • Gemma Farrington
  • Thibaut Galvain
  • Ravija Kadam
  • Gilbert Mogoko
  • Rachel Pritchard
  • Lauren Tonge
  • Jamie Williams


Dr Emmanuel Babafemi

Dr Iain Dykes

Dr Amos Fatokun

Dr Alistair Fielding

Dr Francesca Giuntini

Dr Alun Hughes

Dr Iftikhar Khan

Dr Alice McCloskey

Dr Gavin McStay

Dr Peter Penson

Dr Pattanathu Rahman

Dr Kehinde Ross

Prof Imran Saleem