Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science

Tackling high levels of cardiac disease and helping people live longer, healthier lives

Collaborative research at the heart

The Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science (LCCS) has been formed as a strategic research platform, bringing together world-leading research and clinical specialists in cardiovascular physiology, nursing, psychology, medicine translational science, and data science. Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Trust, University of Liverpool and Liverpool Health Partners have allied their forces to tackle the stark issue of Cardiovascular health in the North West of England.

Committed to tackling the issue of cardiac health in the North West and beyond, the LCCS has proposed a series of objectives:

  • Build relationships with (public and commercial) stakeholder institutions
  • Develop a cadre of research leaders and teams from all relevant disciplines
  • Collaborate across the full spectrum of cardiovascular health & disease (public health, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation) and associated disciplines with high co-dependency (renal medicine, diabetes)
  • Prioritise the development of applied research capable of rapid translation into clinical practice (bench to bedside) for the immediate benefit of patients and the public
  • Harness the power of digital technology to track our progress with achieving our objectives and identify new research opportunities for the future
  • Organising public engagement events to increase awareness of the importance of cardiovascular health

We believe that effective collaboration is essential in the pursuit of good research. It is in that spirit that LCCS has been founded with fundamental principle of joint research and investigation by some of the Liverpool regions most esteemed clinical, academic and research facilities.

Contact us

For further information about the Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science please email Professor Ian Jones or Dr Ellen Dawson.