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The Group conducts research into realistic, intelligent and intuitive interactions between humans and computers.

The Group’s research not only relates to computer games, but also focuses on addressing a range of related computing and industry issues, from technique issues faced by developers to those involving the development of novel methods in AI, Computer Vision, VR and AR, Rendering and Visualisation, and HCI.

Although the Computer Games Research Group has a diverse range of research interests, a central theme of the Group’s work is technology leverage – the provision of software technologies and tools, which allow novel techniques to be developed, integrated and used effectively within a range of industrial applications.

Thanks to this focus, the Group’s research has gained international recognition in a number of areas, including:

  • Game development and deployment
  • Serious games technologies for various applications
  • System visualisation and modelling
  • Interaction techniques between real and virtual environments
  • Digital interactive storytelling
  • Massively multiplayer online games
  • Game middleware and engine development
  • Peer-to-peer technologies
  • Applied artificial intelligence technologies
  • Animation technology
  • Body sensor networks for games
  • User interface design
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The solutions generated by the Computer Games Research Group in relation to these research areas are used within the games industry, the broadcasting industry, animation technology and also within the health, education and training sectors.

In the most recent research assessment (Research Excellence Framework 2021), the Computer Games Research Group led one of the key themes, Entertainment Computing, in the Computer Science and Informatics submission. 80% of our research outputs (or publications) and 75% of our research impact within this unit were rated as being world leading or internationally excellent.

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If you’d like to ask a question or find out more about information about this Group, please contact the team using the details below.

Professor Abdennour El Rhalibi
+44 (0) 151 231 2608

Dr Martin Randles
Call: +44 (0) 151 231 2641


Protect Research Centre,
School of Computer Science and Mathematics,
Liverpool John Moores University,
Byrom Street,
L3 3AF