PhD seminars

PhD students have regular opportunities to engage in lively debate, through journal clubs (critical discussion of a published paper) and develop presentation skills, with talks about their own research.

Presentations and Journal Clubs

2022/05/05, Natalie Wilson, Journal Club: Hallett et al., A worked bone assemblage from 120,000–90,000 year old deposits at Contrebandiers Cave

2022/04/21, Michael Hitchcock, Shanidar Cave - An overview of a Neanderthal cemetery

2022/04/07, Carmela Serio, Functional morphometry of mammalian limb bones: carnivores and ungulates compared throughout the Cenozoic

2022/03/24 Abdullah Alawadhi, The detection of clandestine graves in an arid environment using unmanned aerial vehicle.

2022/03/10 Mae Hunter, Journal Club: Olivieri et al., Challenges in the identification of dead migrants in the Mediterranean.

2022/02/10, Emma Phillips, Egyptian Rule in Nubia – A dental perspective

2022/01/20, Adeline Morez, Journal club: Patterson et al. Large-scale migration into Britain during the Middle to Late Bronze Age.