Study abroad team

The Study Abroad Office will support you at every stage of your Study Abroad journey.

We will support you from pre-departure, on placement and when you return.

We also offer the chance to speak with LJMU Student Global Champions who have studied or participated in our overseas programmes previously.

You can come to the Global Lounge anytime Monday to Friday between 10am - 4pm during term time.

Faq Items

International mobility coordinators

International Mobility Coordinators (IMC’s) provide you with academic guidance and support to help you through the full Study Abroad placement – before, during and after.  They will help you select your host, the modules at the host institution, provide information about grade conversion and credit transfer, work with the Study Abroad Office to provide you with information about Study Abroad opportunities and offer pastoral support whilst you are abroad to ensure you are getting the most from the experience.

Language support

LJMU partners do teaching in English but if you have a second language then you have an increased number of study options. Day-to-day life can be improved if you have some language skills and there is support available.

LJMU language support

All LJMU students are provided with an opportunity to follow online language programmes and you can sign up anytime on the library website.

LJMU student advice

The LJMU Student welfare team are on hand to provide further advice to students and further information can be found on the student support pages.

Visa support immigration advice service

Overseas Visa

Students will need to apply for visas to study at their host. It is the responsibility of the students to apply for their own visa and the host and the relevant government agency will provide support.

Money support

If you need guidance on money matters and dealing with the Student Finance companies then the team are available to provide you with support. See our money advice information.