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How to apply

Studying abroad enhances your CV and broadens your horizons

Travelling overseas and adjusting to a new culture not only improves your employability but your self-confidence, cultural awareness and communication skills. See before you go for more information.

If you’re a current student interested in studying abroad, you should discuss your options with your International Mobility Coordinator (IMC) within your School and attend a Study Abroad Team information session to find out when you can study abroad and which partners are the best fit for your programme of study. All advice, information, links to briefing sessions can be found by self-registering on the Study Abroad module in Canvas.

Applying to study abroad

LJMU offers students the chance to study abroad for a semester or a year in one of our partner universities in Europe or Globally. Students are encouraged to research potential locations and partners before applying and attend one of the information sessions led by the Study Abroad Team. 

Please follow these steps to apply to study abroad with LJMU:

  1. Self-enrol on the Canvas Study Abroad module. For information on how to do this check out the video on Instagram @LJMUGlobalOpps
  2. Download the application form from the Canvas site or here
  3. Read the guidance notes on Studying Abroad and how to complete the application
  4. Check your programme status to ascertain when your programme has validated a mobility and which of our partners you can attend
  5. Attend a briefing session with Jayne, the University Study Abroad Coordinator and a Global Champion. The zoom meeting can be accessed via the Canvas Study Abroad module*
  6. Arrange to meet your International Mobility Coordinator to discuss your study mobility period and host institution choice. They will also need to approve and sign your application
  7. Consider attending one of the Study Abroad team Q&A sessions with our Global Champions via Instagram @LJMUGlobalOpps*
  8. If you need support with your application then you can request a space at one of our Application clinics by emailing*
  9. Complete the application form that you can find in the Canvas site or download here
  10. Submit your application form via the Study Abroad Canvas site.  No application will be accepted via email
  11. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline unless there are mitigating circumstances as to why you could not complete the application on time
  12. We will contact students no later than Monday 19 March 2021 with our decision, so check your student email to see if you have been successful. If you have, you will be asked to formally accept the offer, committing to both the proposed study abroad opportunity and attendance at compulsory pre-departure session.

* All events times can be found in the Study Abroad guidance document

All completed applications submitted by the deadline will be assessed by a committee comprising of academic and professional members of staff. The panel will allocate students to a host institution and confirm the student’s nomination and the host institution’s suitability with the student’s programme of study at LJMU. Student attendance and ability to progress to the next level of study will be considered. Students will then be informed of the outcome of their application by a specified date outlined in the application guidelines. Unsuccessful applicants will be offered general feedback, but individual feedback cannot be given due to the high number of applications expected. Host university spaces are allocated to the strongest applicants and these decisions cannot be appealed by students.

There may be circumstances beyond both LJMU and host institutions control and as a result LJMU may be forced to cancel your study abroad placement. Mobility at LJMU cannot occur virtually at a partner institution.

When selecting modules to study at your host institution, you must undertake the full credit load that will allow you to progress to the next level of your LJMU programme of study. Note that this may mean you take a different number of modules than at LJMU as some universities have different credit values. It is also important to consider the assessments you may take at your host institution, as some universities and countries have more assessments than you may be used to. If you would like to know more, speak to your IMC about the assessments at your host institution and how marks will be translated.

You can follow on Instagram @LJMUGoAbroad for updates.

LJMU International Mobility Coordinators

Arts, Professional and Social Studies

Art and Design: 

Kayla Owen (all other programmes in LSA) - Tel: 0151 904 1124

Aliki-Myrto Perysinaki (Architecture only)


Judith Enriquez-Gibson 

Mark Meadows

Humanities and Social Science:

Janine Melvin - Tel: 0151 231 5076

Liverpool Screen School:

Paula Baines - Tel: 0151 231 4714

Justice Studies:

Steve Altham


Public Health Institute: 

Conan Leavy - Tel: 0151 2310 4544

Nursing and Allied Health:

Analie Grimshaw - Tel: 0151 231 4094


Michael Richter - Tel: 0151 231 2220

Engineering and Technology

Computer Science and Mathematics: 

Sandra Ortega Martorell (Applied Mathematics) - Tel: 0151 231 2190

Hoshang Kolivand (Computer Science ) - Tel: 0151 231 2370

Civil Engineering and Built Environment: 

Vida Maliene - Tel: 0151 231 2854

Iacopo Carnacina - Tel: 0151 231 2584


Kevin Johnston (BBc Programmes) - Tel: 0151 231 2365

Dan Stancioiu (Maritime and Mechanical) - Tel: 0151 231 2246

Business and Law

Liverpool Business School:

Elena Teso


Alison Lui - Tel: 0151 231 3288


Natural Sciences:

Craig Wilding -  Tel: 0151 231 2500

Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences:

Amanda Boddis - Tel: 0151 231 2238

Sport and Exercise Sciences:

Dominic Doran - Tel: 0151 904 6268

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