How to apply for study abroad

  1. Research your opportunities/attend promotional sessions (see canvas calendar for actual or virtual sessions)
  2. Check where and when you can study abroad on our programme to partner matrix and for further information see our main partner profiles
  3. Attend a pre departure session either virtually or face to face.  Check out the schedule in the Calendar section of this canvas module
  4. Complete application by self-registering on the Study Abroad module in Canvas and select the Application form
  5. Meet your International Mobility Coordinator and gain their approval
  6. Submit your application by 3 March at 6pm via the Study Abroad application 23-24 link in the Canvas Assignments section of the canvas Study Abroad module
  7. Wait for decision via email on 20 March
  8. Accept placement by 24 March
  9. Be nominated  by LJMU to your host by 15 April
  10. Attend all LJMU compulsory pre departure sessions
  11. Student completes hosts registration process, which will be sent by the host
  12. Complete Erasmus/Turing placement paperwork for the Study Abroad Team
  13. Apply and secure a visa via your hosts consulate
  14. Student books travel
  15. Go Abroad

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Engineering and Technology

Business and Law


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