Exam self-care tips

It doesn't matter how long you study for, if you don't look after yourself then your exam performance may be affected.

Try to build in these tips into your exam prep to help during this time:

Five quick study tips to help you feel prepared

  1. Set a timer, and practice writing at speed under exam conditions
  2. Try to learn actively rather than passively. When reading your notes, engage with them. Ask yourself, “What have I just learned? How might I use it?”
  3. Test yourself. 10-15 minutes after learning something prove to yourself that you have learnt it. Then go over it again the next day. Then increase this to three days later, seven days, etc.
  4. Look at past papers, and read each question highlighting key words
  5. And finally - check you know the right location, time and date for each exam

Five quick tips for your wellbeing at exam time

  1. Get a good night’s sleep where possible
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat well and go easy on the caffeine
  4. Be kind to yourself and take breaks
  5. Think positively and breathe deeply

For more info on how to improve your focus during exams check out how to concentrate effectively information from our Academic Achievement Team.

Feeling stressed? Take two minutes out and try the five senses drill from our Mindfulness Guide for students.

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