Insights on Practice

This page includes short video interviews and articles with award winners exploring what has inspired their excellent practice and what it means to them to have been nominated.

This content has been developed by LJMU Journalism students, with support from the Journalism programme team and staff from the Teaching and Learning Academy.

Teaching Excellence Award Winners

Individual Teaching Excellence

Dr Lindsey Gaston

In this video, Lindsey shares his vision of how the learning experience can be enriched for all by the contributions made by each individual student. Recognising the bravery that it can take for some students to speak up and share their ideas, he outlines his use of technology in the classroom to give ‘voice to silent students’.

Dr Rachel Mullen

In this video, Rachel reflects on the changes in Pharmacy education and how she incorporated problem-based learning in to practice.

Excellence in Digital Education

Dr Peter Falkingham

In this video, Peter outlines his active approach to teaching and how student feedback helps him to refine his methods of delivery. Peter draws on his research outputs and passion for the subject to engage and enthuse students.

Academic Leadership

Dr Emma Roberts

In this video, Emma reflects on the passion for her subject that has been a constant throughout her life and career, and which she feels to be key in maintaining student engagement. In considering her approach to leadership, Emma emphasises the importance of being inclusive and respectful in communication.

Professor Graeme Close

In this video, Graeme identifies the strategies he has used to broaden the expert input on the Sport Nutrition programme to enthuse and encourage a more diverse cohort of students.

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Interview with Sarah Maclennan, Academic Leadership Award Winner