Executive Education and Professional Development

At Liverpool Business School (LBS), we are committed to unlocking the potential of your managers, leaders and executives with our award-winning team of experts. Our collaborative and structured co-design principles support working hand-in-hand with our clients to create tailored development programmes to deliver productivity and drive innovation.


Our programmes illustrate the power of partnerships in achieving organisational goals and cultivating a thriving learning culture. Organisations need to be confident they have made the right choice for leadership and management development. To deliver impact, it is important to build a strong relationship built on trust.

Partnerships matter for the long term because they are mutually beneficial. When Liverpool Business School gains a deeper understanding of a business, we can provide more effective support. Similarly, when a business sees the potential from a business school, they can access a rich array of valuable assistance. Together, we can extend knowledge and practice.

Business development and support

The School engages with and supports the business community in multiple ways:

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