Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (MKTP)

Driving business growth through effective management expertise.

What is a Management KTP?

Management KTP (MKTP) is a programme part-funded by Innovate UK, designed to inject significant management expertise into companies in order to expand business capability, increase efficiency and enable lasting change and growth.

Like Classic KTPs, MKTPs link businesses with an expert academic team and a qualified graduate to collaborate and deliver a strategic project to bring about change, embed knowledge and deliver growth. Collaboration is key to the success of KTPs which have transformed over 12,000 organisations big and small and across every sector in the UK.

MKTPs aim to deliver transformational productivity improvement, identifying key, strategic management-based projects to increase business effectiveness.

Projects can be between 12-36 months, with 24 months being usual. Any size company can apply, but SMEs are particularly encouraged.

Live MKTP Projects:

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Used Kitchen Exchange Ltd

Anwyl Construction Company Ltd

FCE Projects Ltd

Cobalt Housing

Who could benefit from an MKTP?

  • Growth-oriented SMEs, eager to build and execute their ambitious management strategy by introducing better management practices.
  • Businesses seeking significant productivity gains, recognising that good management and leadership can help deliver this.
  • Organisations looking to up-skill their people and make step-change improvements in productivity by deploying industry-leading practices and innovation processes.

Which business activities do MKTPs cover?

  • MKTPs support strategic management projects across core activities of the business, with the aim to transform company culture and processes.
  • MKTPs cover a wide range of leadership and management skills with areas such as change management, marketing, IT, company structure, succession planning, finance, logistics, organisation, resource planning and strategic thinking.

LJMU’s approach:

  • Academic teams translate current best practice and cutting-edge research into the business.
  • Liverpool Business School has devised a unique framework approach to MKTPs, covering a wide range of areas we believe businesses will benefit from to increase effectiveness and productivity.
  • We create a series of work packages for each project, each run by subject specialists in order to share their expertise. These include market positioning, scale-up and culture for growth, operationalising the vision, and developing best practice for transformative productivity improvement.

How much does an MKTP cost?

  • KTPs are part-funded by Innovate UK at a rate of 67% funding for SMEs and 50% funding for large companies. For an SME, the annual cost of an MKTP is approximately £29k p.a, depending on individual costings.

How to apply for an MKTP: