Seminar Series 2019-2020




9 Oct 1-2pm
Room: B004

Megan Bettinson, LJMU Doctoral Student

"The menu of safeguarding things": Local Authority Prevent Officers understandings of the Prevent duty and Fundamental British values

21 Nov 12-1pm
Room: B002

Dr Ian Sadler, LJMU

What’s in a word? Practices associated with ‘feedforward’ in higher education

15 Jan 3pm
Room: B014

Dr Dawne Irving-Bell, Edge Hill University

The formation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Teacher Identities: Pre-service teacher’s perceptions

22 Jan 1-2pm
Room: B014 

Professor Gisela Schulze and Anna-Maria Spittel, Department of Special Educational Needs and Rehabilitation, Carl von Ossietzky University

Absenteeism and Drop-Out 

12 Feb 4pm
Room: C105

Suzanne Culshaw, University of Hertfordshire

The experience of struggling as a teacher: Reflections on an arts-based research methodology

11 March 4pm
Room: C105

Prof. Sally Elton-Chalcraft, University of Cumbria

Is promoting British Values is a politicization of the curriculum what should schools and teacher educators do?

22 April 1pm
Room: B004

Dr Geert Thyssen, LJMU 

Postponed until further notice

Odorous Childhoods and Scented Worlds of Learning: A Sensory History of Health and Outdoor Education Initiatives in Western Europe (1900s-1960s)

13 May, 11:00am

Dr Simone Krueger-Bridge, LJMU

An Introduction to the award of PhD by Published Work

9 June, 09:30am

Professor David Carless, University of Hong Kong

Students generating and using feedback in online learning environments

30 June, 14:00

Professor Chris Brown, Durham University

Research-informed teaching practice: What is it and how can we use networks to make such practice a reality?

8th July, all day

Dr Gary Motteram, Dr Peter Kahn, Prof Lesley Gourlay and PhD student presentations

Online International Doctoral Research Conference in Education

22 July, 14:00

Julia Long, LJMU

Adding insult to injury: Epistemic injustice and academic dis/ableism in doctoral education