Seminar series 2020-2021




14 October 2020, 6-7pm

Dr Peter Shukie, University Centre, Blackburn College

A Conference of Dreams: The Principles and Practices Behind the First International Working-Class Academic Conference 2020 (Recording)

28 October 2020, 6-7pm 

Dr Darren Webb, University of Sheffield 

The Utopian Educator? (Recording)

12 November 2020, 6-7pm 

Professor Petar Jandrić, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Croatia

The Postdigital Challenge of Critical Pedagogy (Recording)

18 November 2020, 6-7pm 

Professor Jon Nixon, Middlesex University

Plurality, Promise and Natality: Thinking with Hannah Arendt (Recording)

16 December 2020, 6-7pm

Paul Nolan and Michelle Whalley, Mersey Forest

Trees for Learning: The Work of the Mersey Forest Project in Outdoor Education (Recording)

13 January 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor Rose Luckin, University College London

The Role of AI in Education and the Way it Can Help Teachers and Learners in a COVID-19 Compliant Education System (Recording)

24 February 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor David Waugh, Durham University 

Words, words, words’: How can we address the word gap in schools? (Recording)

17 March 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor Heesoon Bai, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Becoming One with The Ten Thousand Things: Releasing Ourselves from the Deathly Grip of Ego-Consciousness (Recording)

31 March 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor Carolyn Jackson, Lancaster University

‘Lad culture’ in Universities: Understanding and addressing sexism, sexual harassment and violence (Recording)

16 April 2021, 6pm

Dr Catherine Wilkinson and Dr Nicky Hirst

Student Authors, Children’s Literature and Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: Findings from a Pedagogic Research Project (Recording)

22 April 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor Joris Vlieghe, KUL, Belgium

Making social justice into an educational and ecological issue: Some reflections on living well together with Arendt and Latour (Recording)

19 May 2021, 12nn - 1pm

Dr Sue Kay-Flowers

Understanding ‘home’ in Covid times – exploring children’s experiences of family relationships (Recording)

21 May 2021, 12nn - 1pm

Dr Naomi McLeod and Dr Diane Boyd

Using an arts-based approach to evaluate student’s interconnected learning of Education for Sustainability in Early Childhood

26 May 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor Lee Elliot Major, University of Exeter 

Apocalypse or new dawn? Social mobility and education in the post-Covid era

27 May 2021 

Professor Sarah Hennessy, Dr Tony Capstick, Dr John Patterson, Ben Watson, Dr Bellemine Ezumah 

2nd Global Development and Education Symposium 

16 June 2021, 6-7pm 

Professor Rachel Lofthouse, Leeds Beckett University

Contextual coaching; levering and leading school improvement?

30 June 2021, 9:30-5pm


Active Blended Learning: Theory, Research and Practice (a one-day symposium) 

7 July 2021 

Professor Diane Reay and Paul Ashwin

2nd Online International Doctoral Research Conference in Education