Business, Corporate, Financial and Technology Law

The Business, Corporate, Financial and Technology Law Unit is committed to fostering an intellectual environment and advancing scholarship within business and finance law. The Unit’s key research areas include:

  • Artificial intelligence regulation and governance.
  • Banking and financial regulation.
  • Financial crime.
  • Financial technology (FinTech) and artificial intelligence in business.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Corporate insolvency.
  • RegTech and LegalTech.
  • International Economic Law.
  • Employment Law.
  • Intellectual Property Law.
  • Maritime Law.

One of the Business, Corporate, Banking and Finance Law Research Unit’s key successes was its contribution to the corporate governance and financial regulation debate, especially in relation to the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the rise of FinTech.

As part of this work, the Unit:

  • influenced policy makers and stakeholders
  • influenced behavioural norms in relation to risk management and compliance
  • provided supervision and regulation of governance of banks and systemically important financial systems

In addition to this success, the Unit has published widely. For example, Focus 13 Challenges in Group Governance: The Governance of Cross-Border Bank Subsidiaries, which is an International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank) publication. This publication offers practical guidance for responding to the challenges of bank subsidiary governance. 

Collaborative projects are key to the Business, Corporate, Banking and Finance Law Research Unit and researchers have formed partnerships with a range of institutions and organisations, including: the University of West of England, Coventry University, the Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness, Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto. 

The Unit also has a presence at prominent conferences, such as the World Bank High Level Meeting on Governance of Bank Subsidiaries and the International Corporate Governance Network Academic Conference. 

Funding for the Unit’s work has come from a Winston Churchill Fellowship, Liverpool John Moores University Early Career Researcher Fellowship, Max Planck Scholarship, Society of Legal Scholars and the Inner Temple, the European Commission. 


  • Dr Alison Lui. Research interests and supervision include: Financial regulation; financial technology; artificial intelligence and regulation; corporate governance.
  • Dr Blanca Mamutse. Research interests include: Corporate insolvency law.
  • Dr Steve Nolan. Research interests include: Applied microeconometrics, immigration and issues of ethnic inequality in the labour market. He is currently working on a large cross-disciplinary project for the UK Home Office. He is also looking at the transition of young ethnic minority people into employment and training and the implications of Artificial Intelligence in the labour market.
  • Dr Amber Pugh. Research interests include: artificial intelligence in medical and healthcare law.
  • Jennifer Graham. Research interests include: artificial intelligence and regulation, cyber law and intellectual property.
  • Dr Francis Okanigbuan. Research interests include: Company Law, Corporate Law and the market for Corporate Control, Corporate Governance, Law and Economics, Commercial Law and Comparative Law.
  • Richard Ridyard. Research interests include: Financial regulation, financial crime, and company and commercial law.
  • Laura Samaroo. Research interests include: Sports law.
  • Dr Yinan Yin. Research interests include: International Law, Maritime Law and Chinese Law.

PhD Students

  • Garth Dallas. Project title: "A Blended Value Proposition: Towards a Regional Sustainability Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Framework for the Social Solidarity Economy".
  • Jennifer Graham. Project title: "The Balancing Act: Regulating in the age of Artificial Intelligence". 
  • Cletus Kadzirange. Project title: "Improving Accountability and Enforcement Actions against Company Directors under the UK Corporate Governance Framework".
  • Zeeshan Saeed. Project title: "The role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Poverty alleviation in Pakistan".
  • Jonathan Willoughby. Project title: "A Libertarian Regulatory Approach to the Systemic Risks of Leverage and Liquidity Runs in Private Debt".

"My experience as a research assistant within the Business, Corporate, Banking and Finance Law Research Unit has been second to none. Through my involvement I have been lucky to get the opportunity to work alongside some truly fantastic academics, all of whom have nurtured and supported me massively in my research. The research projects that I am involved in are not just fascinating but have helped me to take major steps forward in my career. I believe my involvement in the Research Unit was a decisive factor in recently helping me to secure a major PhD scholarship with LJMU. The Research Unit has already made some very important contributions to its areas of research and I am confident it will long continue to do so in the future"

George Lamb -
Liverpool John Moores University PhD Scholar and Research Assistant

"My experience as a PhD student at LJMU law school has been first class. Throughout my time at LJMU, the level of support from the University and the supervisory team has been second to none. Alison was an incredible supervisor. I could not have asked for anyone better. Her wealth of knowledge, expertise and commitment to the field and her constant guidance has been extraordinary. My research and academic writing skills have thrived under the guidance and support of my supervisory team. Selecting LJMU to complete my PhD was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

Dr Ryanna Worme -
Liverpool John Moores University PhD Scholar and Research Assistant