Psychology and Criminology Network

Our work seeks to understand and support victims and witnesses of crime, the rehabilitation of offenders, international policing practice, policy and culture and aid forensic practitioner resilience.

Research Lead: Dr Stephanie Kewley and Prof Dan Silverstone

Case study

Helping professionals combat child abuse

Inter-familial sexual abuse accounts for almost half of recorded child sexual abuse, most of it carried out in the family home itself. Responding to alleged or even confirmed cases of abuse in the home is among the most complex and daunting tasks for social workers and professionals in the safeguarding roles. Forensic psychologists, led by Dr Stephanie Kewley, have been working with the profession to maximise the effectiveness of caseworkers in such instances. Dr Kewley says: “Child abuse shatters lives and families so it is vital we support professionals to carry out the most robust of assessments and enact effective plans to protect children in these horrific circumstances.” The team’s tool will be trialled across Cheshire and Merseyside.