About the Forensic Research Institute

Director: Prof Caroline Wilkinson

The Institute is a research and training organisation with expertise in aspects of evidence collection, analysis, reporting and testimony. We have a proven track record of impact in assisting criminal justice agencies in crime-prevention, police work, the preparation of cases, victim identification, victim and witness support and much more. 

Our mission

Our mission is to create new knowledge, strengthen and evolve the impact and practice of forensic science and to foster a more diverse, inclusive and fair criminal justice system.

This cross-Faculty institute provides a single platform to liaise with external stakeholders in the criminal justice system, funding bodies and the regional, national and international forensic community.

What is forensic research?

Forensic research is the application of research to criminal and civil justice and has undergone something of an explosion in interest in recent years.

It is a broad field utilizing numerous practices such as the analysis of human remains, DNA, fingerprints, bloodstain patterns, firearms, ballistics, and toxicology, as well as aspects of psychology, visual art, criminology, data science and public health.

Forensic researchers may collect, preserve, and analyse evidence during the course of an investigation. Some are involved at scenes of crime, some in laboratories and others in analysis of data, and the diagnosis, care and wellbeing of those caught up in the system.