Children and young people insight

Work package 3

Led by Dr Jade Lynne Morris, Dr Daniel Bingham and Dr Andy Daly-Smith

As part of the wider aim of creating a national consensus statement about physical literacy for England, our project aims to understand what physical literacy means to children and young people.

To answer this aim, the research questions are:

(1) Capturing children and young people’s values on participating in movement and physical activity

(2) Identifying what capabilities children and young people identify as being important to participate in physical activity for life.

We will be conducting focus groups with children and young people (5-16 years old), within the school environment. We are aiming to conduct eight focus groups (approximately 6-8 pupils per session) across the North and South of England, covering Key Stage 2, 3 and 4, and including children with physical and learning difficulties. Working with class teachers, we are aiming to recruit an even split of boys/girls and pupils that identify as being physically inactive or active. Results will be analysed using thematic analysis.