Call for applications for Physical Literacy Expert Panel

We are seeking to establish an ‘Expert Panel’ comprising of researchers and stakeholders (practitioners and professionals) to support the physical literacy consensus building work.

The panel of approximately 40 individuals will provide advice, support, and guidance to us on physical literacy. We want to utilise the expertise and experience of the panel members to join up thinking across people, organisations, and sectors within the system, developing a shared understanding of physical literacy.

The panel will help us to collectively understand and shape what is and what is not physical literacy, ensuring that, together, we are united, informed, and inspired to support and promote physical literacy - better meeting the needs of children and young people in what and how we deliver, making real progress possible.

Faq Items

Timescales and commitment

Below outlines the timescales and workload that panel members will be required to complete as part of their roles and responsibilities.  All dates are in 2022.

Purpose: Panel orientation online meeting

Activity: Overview of project and roles and responsibilities

Approx. dates: Wednesday 22ndJune, 1pm

Approx. commitment: 1-2 hours

Purpose: Preparation for Delphi survey

Activity: Pre-read documents

Approx. dates: 27th June – 3rd July 

Approx. commitment: 1/2 day

Purpose: Delphi survey (Round 1)

Activity: Complete online survey

Approx. dates: Anytime between July 4th and July 24th

Approx. commitment: 30 minutes

Purpose: Preparation for virtual workshop

Activity: Pre-read documents – Round 1 survey results

Approx. dates: w/c 29th August - w/c 5th September

Approx. commitment: 30 minutes

Purpose: Virtual workshop

Activity: Forum for discussion: Share perspectives and feedback 

Approx. dates: w/c 29th August - w/c 5th September

Approx. commitment: 1 day

Purpose: Preparation for Delphi survey

Activity: Pre-read documents

Approx. dates: w/c 12th September – w/c 19th September

Approx. commitment: 1 hour

Purpose: Delphi survey (Round 2)

Activity: Complete online survey

Approx. dates: w/c 19th September - w/c 10th October 

Approx. commitment: 30 minutes

Purpose: Preparation for consensus meeting

Activity: Pre-read documents

Approx. dates: w/c 10th October – w/c 24th October

Approx. commitment: 1 hour

Purpose: Consensus and co-development meeting (in person at central location) 

Activity: Finalise agreements and co-develop draft consensus statement text

Approx. dates: w/c 17th October – w/c31st October 

Approx. commitment: 1 day

Purpose: Consensus text agreement survey 

Activity: Complete online survey 

Approx. dates: 14th November – 27thNovember 

Approx. commitment: 10 mins

Expert panel members will not be paid for their input, although we can reimburse travel and subsistence expenses for any in-person meetings if required. 

Researchers and stakeholders will be acknowledged for their efforts by being named and credited under the ‘Physical Literacy Expert Panel’ group authorship in project reports and scientific research articles.

What expertise is needed?

We are seeking to recruit around 40 expert panel members, including 20 researchers and 20 stakeholders, that are living and working in England. 

Each expert should have with significant expertise, experience, and an in-depth understanding of physical literacy and/or related concepts. This includes researchers with specialist subject knowledge of physical literacy and/or its domains, and stakeholders with significant professional and practical experience in supporting physical literacy elements.

The expert panel will provide a forum for different perspectives to be shared, capturing the views of a diverse mix of researchers and stakeholders. We are therefore seeking persons with a broad range of knowledge and backgrounds relevant to the topic of physical literacy, some of which are outlined in the table overleaf (N.B. This is not an exhaustive list).

In addition, the following shall also be considered when appointing panel members: 

  • Commitment to the principles of independence, impartiality and objectivity, accountability, integrity, openness, honesty, transparency, and confidentiality 
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, including the ability to listen to others
  • Good written communication skills 
  • Open-mindedness


Significant subject knowledge and experience of physical literacy within relevant contexts (physical education, community/elite sport, coaching, physical activity, public health, play, policy)


Significant subject knowledge and experience of physical literacy within relevant contexts (physical education, community/elite sport, coaching, physical activity, public health, play, policy)


Expertise in related disciplines/ domains/ research areas (e.g., psychology, physiology, sociology, human movement, strength & conditioning, cognition, pedagogy, child development)


Sectors – childcare, community, education, fitness and leisure, healthcare, sport/physical activity, recreation, health, voluntary, parents, play, policy, youth


Expertise in understanding movement, sport and physical activity among underrepresented groups (e.g., disability, ethnically diverse groups, girls, etc.)


Those working with underrepresented groups (e.g., disability, diverse ethnic communities, girls, etc.)


Track record of peer-reviewed publications in related research areas


Representation from different types of organisations (local to national; public, private, community and voluntary)


Academic credibility as evidenced by personal achievements and nationally/internationally recognised achievements/impacts in related research areas


Mixture of frontline practitioners (e.g., teachers, coaches, healthcare professionals, etc.), persons in decision-making and strategic roles (e.g., team managers, programme directors, national leads), workforce educators (e.g., teacher and coach education), and youth organization representatives

How to apply?

Individuals can apply in a personal capacity, or to represent an organisation, or to represent a number of persons or organisations within a particular sector. We particularly welcome applications from those from underrepresented groups. 

Individuals who wish to be considered for Expert Panel membership should send the following documents to Dr Lawrence Foweather, Panel Chair, via email: by 23:59, Sunday 29th May 2022:

  • A covering letter of no more than one page (including the applicant’s contact information), addressed to the panel chair, briefly outlining the basis on which they are applying, why theyfeel they should be considered for this panel membership, highlighting their expertise and experience as relevant to physical literacy. 

The cover letter should also detail any conflicts of interests that a reasonable person might consider could influence the advice given to the Expert Panel. If there are no competing interests to declare, the applicant should include a statement in the cover letter that states that they have no known competing financial interests or personal relationships that could appear to influence the work of the Expert Panel. Declared interests from successful applicants will be published.

  • A brief CV— no more than two pages focused on relevant current and previous employment, education and training, skills, and competencies. Researchers are also required to provide additional information in relation to their total number of peer-reviewed publications and provide the references for their 5 most relevant publications to physical literacy. 

For further information or to discuss the Expert Panel membership role, contact the Panel chair and principal investigator of the research study, Dr Lawrence Foweather, Reader in Physical Activity and Health, at Liverpool John Moores University:

By email:

By telephone: 0151 2314152 

The selection process will take place in the w/c 30th May 2022 and successful applicants will be notified ASAP thereafter.