The year-long project commenced in March 2022 and is structured into three phases of work and five work packages. Each work package is led by members of the research team.

Faq Items

Phase one (months one to three)

Phase one involves several steps:

1. Review of the existing evidence surrounding physical literacy

2. National consultation on physical literacy

This provides researchers, key stakeholders, and the wider community with the opportunity to comment on what physical literacy means to them or their organisation.

3. Insight with children and young people

This provides children and young people with the opportunity to share their perceptions of physical literacy.

4. Recruitment of the expert panel members

Researchers, practitioners and professionals with significant expertise and experience in physical literacy and/or related concepts will be invited to apply to be a Physical Literacy Expert Panel member.

5. Selection of the expert panel members

Approximately 40 researchers, professionals and practitioners will be selected for the expert panel by Sport England and the Panel Chair.

The findings of steps 1-3 will be summarised in separate reports, which will be used to inform the work of the Expert Panel.

Phase two (months four to nine)

The second phase of the consensus building process involves the work of the Expert Panel. The aim of the expert panel is to provide recommendations for and to finalise the physical literacy consensus statement text.

The consensus building process will involve a modified Delphi methodological approach, which combines anonymous surveys with online and in person meetings.

The latter provide a forum for individual panel members to engage in discussion around uncertainties to catalyse the process of finding consensus. In the final stage, the draft consensus statement text will be co-produced by a group of key stakeholders in a consensus meeting.

Phase three (months ten to twelve)

The final phase will again, consist of a number of steps:

1. Second national consultation on the draft physical literacy consensus statement text

A first draft of the physical literacy consensus statement text will be open for feedback from Sport England’s stakeholders and partners, the scientific community, and the public.

2. Webinar to share and discuss draft physical literacy consensus statement text with key stakeholders

A virtual opportunity to share and provide feedback

3. Production of a final project report by the research team

This report summarises the process and final outcomes of the physical literacy consensus statement in England project, incorporating any modifications required the consultation in Phase 3. The consensus statement text will be subject to sign off from Sport England prior to its dissemination, communication, and implementation.