Champs Intelligence and Evidence Service

Below you'll find some examples of our research work.

Champs Public Health CollaborativeThe following reports were conducted under the remit of the Champs Intelligence and Evidence Service. Commissioned by the Cheshire and Merseyside Directors of Public Health, the service aims to provide high quality research in response to collaborative priorities across the nine local authority public health teams in Cheshire and Merseyside. Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health/Head of Health & Wellbeing, Sefton Council, leads the Public Health Intelligence Network with support from Sharon McAteer (Halton), Adam Major, and the wider network. Their role in the Intelligence & Evidence Service involves setting the work programme, providing strategic direction and facilitating collaborative links between the Champs Public Health Collaborative, the Public Health Institute, LJMU and the wider public health community. They also contribute to editing and final approval of reports.