Activities for schools and colleges

LJMU’s outreach provision for post-16 schools, sixth form and further education (16-18)

At LJMU we encourage the progression to higher education for anyone who wants to access it, regardless of background or social status. One of the University’s key values of providing transformational opportunities for all communities is at the heart of our outreach programmes.

Working closely with teachers, career advisors, pupils, parents and communities across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, our aim is to inspire individuals to pursue a university education. By supporting the decision-making and application journey, our outreach programmes help prospective students make an informed choice about their future. Involving our student advocates in activities ensures that participants are given an authentic and informed perspective.

We not only provide expertise, advice and guidance but also opportunities for prospective students to ‘try out’ higher education with programmes such as subject taster sessions, student shadowing and free residentials.

Transitioning from School/College to University

  Transitioning  from School/College to University

To support students into their transition to university, we have created this booklet, which has helpful tips on what to expect, from finance to accommodation, classes to extracurricular activities. Click on the image to find out more.