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The Outreach Team provides comprehensive support to schools and colleges at both pre- and post-16 education level. Our outreach pages provide details of the full range of activities we offer on and off campus to different key stages

This section provides advice and resources for teachers and advisors who are in the process of supporting their students thinking about and applying to university.

Students will be at various stages of their decision-making process. Some students will be unsure if university is right for them or be uncertain about choosing the right course whilst others may be very focused on a particular course but need support during the application process and in maximising their chances of getting on a competitive course.

There are a range of resources that LJMU can offer to teachers and advisors to support these stages ranging from university-wide open days, UCAS fairs, subject tasters and summer universities through to workshops and activities delivered in your school or college.

This section breaks down the decision-making process into different support areas. It starts with considering the benefits of university, researching courses and careers then leads on to explaining the UCAS process itself and how to make an application as competitive as possible. Please click on each section for helpful links and activities to support your students every step of the way.

Faq Items

Benefits of university

At this stage learners may not have considered university but there are a range of activities available to support them in their decision-making process: university open days, UCAS fairs and university workshops on the topic of considering university. Please see the links below to find out more:

Choosing a course and the careers they lead to

Students choose a university course for a variety of reasons; some pick courses where they have enjoyed the subject area currently studied, some may choose a subject because they are good at it. Often learners may choose a completely new subject area from that which they have previously studied whilst many will choose a course based on the career that they want to do and the vocational training it may provide.

The following links provide opportunities to explore courses and careers which your students might want to go into.

The UCAS process

At this stage you can help your learners explore their skills and achievements. Encourage them to do relevant work experience and volunteering.  Students can start to build a basic CV as a starting point to exploring their skills.

Making your application competitive

Different faculties may look for different skills and experiences when choosing the right students for their course. You can find out more by exploring our course pages. Relevant work experience is highly recommended for some of our more competitive subjects. You may also find attending subject talks at open days is helpful in seeing where you can gain that competitive edge.

Successful interviews

Our careers service has produced a really handy guide to conducting interviews both face-to-face or over the telephone.

The LJMU Outreach Team also offer workshops on interview tips and techniques and mock interview practice in preparation for student interviews:

The reference writing process

The school or college reference tells us about an applicant's abilities and potential and is an important part of our admissions process. Admissions staff look for information such as the student’s academic strengths, whether they are suited to their chosen course and predicted grades. (Top tip: work together with all staff involved with the learner at an early stage, especially with large cohorts.)

What to include in your reference

Information about your institution:
  • details of the typical pattern of qualifications in your institution eg. BTEC, EPQ, A Levels
  • general contextual information about your college or school performance (you can use links here to save space)
  • details of subjects not available to your students
Academic information - discuss their ability, motivation and commitment:
  • reasons for chosen subject
  • a summary of performance for each subject
  • include details of prior attainment and predictions
  • notable performance in recent exams and tests
  • performance against peers
  • aptitude for higher study
  • academic skills and qualities
  • suitability for their chosen course

(Top tip: Try to provide evidence and examples where possible)

General information:
  • student’s motivation, attendance and contribution in class
  • notable achievements or responsibilities 
  • impact of any special needs or mitigating circumstances with the student’s consent
  • relevant details on career goals

(Top tip: As with the student’s personal statement you also have 47 lines of text or 4,000 characters of space)

General support for teachers and advisors

LJMU Outreach can arrange a range of activities to support you in your role including the following:

Bespoke training:

We can provide bespoke training interventions such as reference writing training and student finance updates. Please contact your account manager to set this up.

Subject updates:

We are also happy to try to explore subject-specific updates here on campus for groups of staff.


The LJMU Outreach Team also produce a newsletter with relevant updates, please contact the Outreach Team if you’d like to receive these in future.

Induction events:

LJMU also regularly organise and host sixth form induction days and course induction days at the start of term or start of a new course, please let us know if you would like to organise something similar for your students.

For all of the above activities please contact your account manager.