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Partnerships with schools

School of Education

Working in partnership enriches us all

We are fully committed to working with schools to ensure the supply of a well-qualified, committed and socially engaged workforce able to take on the challenge of ensuring that all learners succeed. We know that genuine collaboration with school partners is key to the success of our initial teacher education programmes.

We take our responsibility of listening to schools seriously and strive to involve our school partners in all that we do, from recruitment and course design and development, to the award of Qualified Teacher Status.

We feel that our partnership with LJMU has proved successful largely due to the good offices of all concerned. LJMU staff are clearly dedicated to raising the quality of teaching and learning and we found common ground with them from the onset of the partnership experience. As a school, we hope to continue to develop our links with LJMU with regard to ITE and with a range of other teaching and learning programmes.

Peter Fitzpatrick -
Deputy Headteacher, Fazakerley High School

St Michael in the Hamlet has a long history of commitment when working with LJMU students. Staff in the school welcome the students as they are always well prepared and know exactly what it is they need to do in order to successfully progress through the teacher standards during their placement. We find LJMU students to be positive, enthusiastic, co-operative and hard-working. They are excellent role models for promoting the values of further education and help to encourage pupils to take a responsible and conscientious attitude to their own work and study.

Julie Millican -
St Michael in the Hamlet Primary School

Beyond our focus in preparing teachers to enter the profession, we work closely with a number of National Teaching Schools as part of our broader goals of supporting the development of a school-led system and currently have strong links with the following:

  • Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School, Wirral
  • Palmerston School, Liverpool
  • St Nicholas CE Primary School, Sefton
  • Tarporley High School, Cheshire
  • The Heath School, Halton
  • Weatherhead High School, Wirral

Our partnerships with schools are based on principles of collaboration, flexibility and inclusion. We demonstrate these through our engagement with School Direct and the development in collaboration of professional learning programmes for teachers across the region.

Our partners value the commitment we make to developing relationships and recognise the positive impact that working with LJMU can make on their schools.

Over recent years we have enjoyed a successful collaboration with LJMU and have developed a genuine and exciting partnership. Through using the expertise of staff from both The Heath School and LJMU we are able to develop and enhance vital aspects of our role as a Teaching School and have a wide and positive influence on important aspects of education such as staff development and Initial Teacher Education, which leads to our shared, ultimate goal of providing an outstanding education for all students

Jamie Jardine -
Principal, The Heath School