Liverpool Business School Degree Apprenticeships

Liverpool Business School Degree Apprenticeships 

By investing in educating managers and leaders, businesses can develop solid foundations from which to build capacity, enhance productivity and scale up/grow. Our programmes are personalised to individuals, and customised for business.  

We offer a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship programme, BA (Hons) Business and Management Practice, which brings together a network of leaders and managers from across the region. Our Senior Leadership Degree Apprenticeship Programmes are currently being developed in line with the new Senior Leadership Apprenticeship Standards.

The LJMU Degree Apprenticeship pages contain more information about degree apprenticeships and funding.

"Liverpool Business School’s philosophy is to build learning and development programmes that are inherently personalised to individuals and customised for businesses, regardless of size or sector."

Dr Anthony Sturgess: Director School of Leadership and Organisational Development