Next steps - Priorities for deepening and broadening

We identified that our priorities for development involve consolidating some areas, promoting some SDGs which are not typically present in our work, and influencing wider strategy within the institution. Our final goal is about embedding PRME into our strategic management practices.

  1. In translating the new Liverpool John Moores University’s Learning & Teaching Strategy into programmes, Liverpool Business School will integrate competences from the EU GreenComp framework (or institutional equivalent determined by Liverpool John Moores University) in ways which are meaningful to our programme teams.
  2. To develop practices to enable stakeholder voice in helping assess Liverpool Business Schools impact and progress (e.g. building on Global Symposia in 2022).
  3. To invite organisations in clean water and sanitation / affordable and clean energy sectors for business clinic and consultancy projects (for educational and impact purposes).
  4. To consolidate different EDI development strands to share and strengthen practices.
  5. To align with the new Liverpool John Moores University Learning & Teaching Strategy and civic mission, Liverpool Business School will explore how life below water and life on land can be promoted across each programme area [in collaboration with other faculties and stakeholders].
  6. To influence Liverpool John Moores University policy and practice so that all of Liverpool Business School staff and students can live out and promote the SDGs as well as the competences we choose (see earlier goals). Liverpool Business School influence at the Climate Change Institute will be critical.