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Academic Registry

Academic Registrar: Professor Clare Milsom

Claire MilsomThe Academic Registry is at the heart of the University and works to ensure that LJMU meets the highest standards of quality across all levels of the academic portfolio. Bringing together all student facing services to support the administrative and learning experience of students, we deliver agile, effective and efficient services to support the registration, enrolment, assessment, progression and graduation of all students.

The overarching ethos of the Academic Registry is to safeguard and enhance both the student and staff experience by providing a professional service based on clear information, advice and policy guidance.

The Academic Registry consists of four distinct service teams plus five Faculty Registrars working with the Faculties:

Academic Planning and Information Services service the needs of the Faculties, Professional Service departments and external statutory bodies through accurate data reporting; the underpinning business management of the student information systems and the admissions processes across the University and its collaborative partners.

Quality and Standards is responsible for upholding the academic quality standards of the University by providing guidance and support for academic teams and the development of policies and process documents. They manage the validation and review of academic programmes within the University and with Collaborative Partners.

Registry Services is responsible for a range of administrative processes that underpin the student journey, for example:

  • Online registration and enrolment
  • Change of circumstances i.e. Leave of Absence or Withdrawal
  • Tuition fees, fee payment and debt management
  • Examinations and examination timetables
  • UK Visas and Immigration monitoring and compliance
  • Graduation
  • Certificates and awards

The Degree Apprenticeship Team provide the employer liaison and central administration for the University's Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

The five Faculty Registrars work within the Faculties to ensure consistency in the application of regulation and policy. This includes the provision of advice and guidance on regulation, policy, process and procedure.

The Teaching and Learning Academy extends across the University and underpins all aspects of academic life. Find out more about the Teaching and Learning Academy.

Further information can be found on the Academic Registry's website.