IT Services

Chief Information Officer: Dr Peter Ashton

Peter Ashton

Driven by committed IT professionals, we deliver excellent, transformative customer-focused IT services, supporting our students and staff in achieving those LJMU strategic goals for which technology is a vital enabler. We will continually deliver, develop and enhance our services by leading the digital transformation of our services on behalf of our students and staff; having a customer service ethos and can-do culture, and displaying leadership in the face of challenges; and providing reliable, secure, high availability access to information technology services to all our customers, wherever they may be, on whatever device they choose.

We enable LJMU to turn its data into information assets that inform our actions and decisions across all levels of the University and deploy relevant and contemporary technology to enable our staff and students to achieve maximum levels of performance.

The technical infrastructure is designed to deliver robust, reliable technology services 24x7x365. There are two data-centres housing over 400 servers on the University network, and serving approximately 5,000 PCs running in excess of 550 applications. We store over 300TB of data, which is the equivalent of over 3,450,000 metres of books on shelves. The primary data-centre is a highly resilient state-of-the-art facility, which, together with its secondary centre and a sophisticated connecting infrastructure, contributes significantly to exceptionally high levels of performance and availability for all of the university’s key technology services and systems.