Arrival and orientation

We encourage study abroad students to arrive for orientation the week prior to semester start.

During orientation week you will complete your registration, enrol on modules, meet with your academic contact and be invited to a social by the Study Abroad Team. The week will also allow plenty of time for you to familiarise yourself with the city and our university.

Once you complete your registration in Liverpool, you will be issued with your student card. You will need the card for accessing our buildings, printing and it can also be used in selected shops and restaurants for student discounts. You should keep your student card with you at all times during your time here.

Please note that some international students are required to register with the police when they arrive.

Frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions:

What happens during orientation?

Orientation will differ slightly whether you are arriving in September or January. We like to give you plenty of time off to settle in, but you should expect to complete your registration and enrolment, which might take a couple of visits to the student administration centres. You should arrange to meet your International Mobility Coordinator during this week and you will also be invited to a social event with the Study Abroad Team. The LJMU academic School or programme you are based in might also have meetings for their students.

What is Liverpool like to live in?

Our multicultural city is small, but there is lots to do. For some ideas, see reasons to choose LJMU or read our city guide. One important thing to remember when you prepare for life in Liverpool is the weather; many international students are not used to our mild temperatures, between 0°C-13°C in winter and 14°C-30°C in summer. Our weather changes frequently, so remember to bring or buy clothes suitable for all weather conditions.

What about my Erasmus+ paperwork?

Your home institution will issue you with all the necessary documents. Your arrival, Learning Agreement and attendance certificates should be signed by your International Mobility Coordinator. 

Can I afford to live in Liverpool?

Liverpool is generally considered an affordable place to live compared to other major UK cities. When budgeting and planning your stay, compare the cost of living in your home town with Liverpool. Remember to consider loss of earnings if you have a part-time job at home as you may not be able to secure employment in Liverpool. 

How do I find a job in Liverpool?

If your visa allows, you can work part time whilst you are a student here. LJMU has a dedicated Careers Team to help you create your CV, prepare for interviews and find a role that is right for you.

Do I need insurance?

We strongly recommend students research their access to health care in the UK and to buy travel insurance. We do not sell or offer any particular insurance and it is your responsibility to find the appropriate cover.

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