During your stay

Our multicultural city is small, but there is lots to do, both day and night.

All of us here at Liverpool John Moores University want you to have the best possible time with us, but we also know that adjusting to life and studies in a different country can sometimes be challenging. You might find the information below useful, and if there is anything you can’t find help with below please email goabroad@ljmu.ac.uk.

Student support at LJMU

During your time at Liverpool John Moores University, there are a number of opportunities available for help and support. This includes assistance with LJMU libraries and resources, student advice and wellbeing, counselling, spiritual guidance and more.

The LJMU International Team are also here to support you through your studies and life at LJMU. We aim to make your experience at Liverpool John Moores University the best it can be.

Faq Items

International student advisors

Whilst studying in a new country is exciting, a little extra support can really help. That's why we have international student advisors available to support all of our international students through their LJMU journey. From settling in to managing your money, they are here to help you.

Contact an international student advisor at internationaladvice@ljmu.ac.uk.

Library support

With University libraries across the city, LJMU have a Library Support team available to help you learn how to use the library, including both the online and on-site facilities. They can help you print, scan and find the right resources for you and your course, making life at LJMU that little bit easier.

Contact the Library

English language support

Once you have enrolled at the University you can attend English language courses. Courses are free and workshops run throughout the academic year. 

For more information, please contact the Study Support Team at studysupport@ljmu.ac.uk.

Disability support

If you are a disabled student, or a student with a long-term health condition, the LJMU Disability Advice Team are available if you require any assistance. The Disability Advice Team can assist you in terms of possible financial support, finding suitable accommodation and securing any academic support you may need.

You are invited to contact the Disability Advice Team and meet your Disability Coordinator to discuss all the support options available to you during your time at LJMU. It is suggested you contact the Disability Advice Team before arriving at LJMU, but the team are available throughout the academic year. If you become ill or have a temporary disability while studying in the UK, emergency funding may be available in certain circumstances.

Find out more information on the support available at LJMU for disabled students, or call (+44) 151 231 3164

Student advice and wellbeing

Coming to another country to study is a fun, but often daunting experience.

That's why at LJMU, we have a Student Advice and Wellbeing service on campus, which offers students many forms of emotional support, including ongoing treatment and drop-in sessions throughout the year.

LJMU offers free, confidential, one-to-one counselling, wellbeing drop-in sessions and a range of wellbeing workshops. If you are struggling adjusting to life at LJMU or having difficulties with your mental health, whether that be due to university life or for reasons outside of university, the LJMU Student Advice and Wellbeing staff are here to help you. The service offers sessions such as coping with exam stress, which is important when adjusting to a new teaching style, beating procrastination and managing anxiety.

If you would like to contact LJMU regarding your mental health and wellbeing before arriving at LJMU, you are welcome to do so. A Wellbeing Advisor can help to ensure the appropriate support is in place for you before you begin your studies at LJMU. You can also contact a Wellbeing Advisor whilst you are studying here for further support.

Find out more about Student Advice and Wellbeing services, email studentwellbeing@ljmu.ac.uk or call (+44) 151 231 3579

Spiritual guidance

We understand some students may wish to seek spiritual guidance as they adjust to life at a new university. LJMU’s Spiritual Support team offers confidential, non-judgmental pastoral care and support to students and staff of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Find out more about spiritual support at LJMU.

There are multi-faith and Muslim prayer rooms across campus. The quiet spaces in Mount Pleasant campus, the Henry Cotton Building and IM Marsh campus are designed to be multi-faith. The Henry Cotton building also offers an additional room for Muslim prayers.

For more information, please contact the Student Advice Team at studentadvice@ljmu.ac.uk.

International student support at LJMU

The LJMU International Team are here to assist you with any other queries you may have before, during or after your time studying at LJMU.

Find out more about international student support.

Call us on (+44) 151 231 3673

Email us at internationaladvice@ljmu.ac.uk.

Or tweet us at @LJMU_int

Contact us

Email: goabroad@ljmu.ac.uk

Visit us in the Student Life building Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm (term time only)

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