UK Malaysia University Partnership Grants

The British Council Malaysia provide seed-funding to UK-MUC Members in the form of UK-Malaysia University Partnership Grants, with the aim of facilitating collaborations among UK and Malaysian institutions in key areas of priority. 

Round one took place in 2021, with six collaborative projects between UK and Malaysian universities awarded grants in the key priority area of graduate employability.  A further six Catalyst Projects received funding in 2022 and eight additional grants were made in 2023.

The overarching aim of round two UK-MUC Catalyst Grants was to facilitate partnerships among consortium members in UK and Malaysia in any of the four thematic areas:

  • Student employability and future work skills
  • Innovative pedagogy including curriculum and digitalisation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women leadership and empowerment

The grants cover partnership activities with the following objectives:

  • Strengthen capacity and quality in teaching, learning, research and innovation
  • Share knowledge and exchange best practice

The grants seek to establish new institutional partnerships or enhance existing institutional partnerships in:

  • Student and staff mobility
  • Internships and attachments
  • Research and innovation
  • Transnational education

The British Council Malaysia website has more information about UK-Malaysia University Partnership Grants.

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