Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Lifelong Health: Postgraduate research

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Paige Cole

Thesis Working Title: Exploring the efficacy of Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) versus NSAIDs in Alleviating Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

DoS: Dr Daniel Owens

Jack Edmondson

Thesis Working Title: Numerical prediction and practical testing of responses in nerve and muscle to electrical stimulation

DoS: Prof Jonathan Jarvis

Harvey Fortis

Thesis Working Title: Challenging the effectiveness of current nutritional guidelines for female endurance athletes

DoS: Dr Juliette Strauss

Lawrence Jones

Thesis Working Title: The Liverpool Blackcurrant Extract for Type 2 diabetes risk Reduction (LivBETTer) Study: Exploring the efficacy and mechanisms for blackcurrant anthocyanins to improve insulin sensitivity

DoS: Dr Sam Shepherd

Erick Mosquera

Thesis Working Title: Dietary energy carbohydrates and ketones (exogenous and endogenous) manipulation and adaptation to training

DoS: Dr José Areta

Tamara Prostinakova

Thesis Working Title: The development of a feasible exercise & time-restricted eating therapeutic intervention to improve appetite and glycaemic control in individuals with overweight and obesity

DoS: Dr Kelsie Johnson

Krisztina Rudolf

Thesis Working Title: Dynamic changes of skeletal muscle proteome during healthy ageing

DoS: Prof Jatin Burniston

Samanvita Ravikanti

Thesis Working Title: The effect of heat stress on exercise induced gastrointestinal injury and the potential protective effects of probiotic supplementation

DoS: Dr Jamie Pugh

Megan Wilson

Thesis Working Title: The effects of varying high-fat, low-carbohydrate meal consumption on measures of cardiovascular and metabolic health

DoS: Dr Ian Davies