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Promoting cardiovascular health

State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research to promote an active lifestyle for personalised prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The Cardiovascular Health Sciences Research Group is an internationally recognised group with a shared interest in the biology and physiology of the cardiovascular systems in health and disease.

Our shared commitment is to understand the impact and importance of an active lifestyle, related to regular exercise training and physical activity, for promoting and maintaining cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory health and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The clinical and societal importance of this research is emphasised when looking at our contemporary lifestyle, which is characterised by a sedentary, physically inactive lifestyle. Engagement in physical activity and exercise training is a logical and highly effective strategy. Taking exercise as medicine, key questions remain unanswered and relate to the optimal dose of exercise for health benefits, and how to personalise the prescription of exercise to achieve maximal benefit. Therefore, we examine a range of lifestyles from highly active (elite) endurance athletes to those with sedentary behaviours and/or the presence of cardiovascular disease.

For any enquiries, please contact Prof Helen Jones (group-lead).

Our expertise

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • cardiac, vascular and cerebrovascular health in the prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • sedentary behaviour and cardiovascular disease
  • whole-body and skin thermoregulation
  • women’s health and cardiovascular disease

Find out about our research into these topics below:

Faq Items

Cardiac, vascular and cerebrovascular health in the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Sedentary behaviour and cardiovascular disease

Whole body and skin thermoregulation

Women’s health and cardiovascular disease

Nutrition and cardiometabolic health

Clinical impact and achievements

  • Development and contribution to the set-up of guidelines of pre-exercise screening. Read the case study: Sudden cardiac death – preventing the tragedy
  • Contribution to better insight of exercise training and remodelling of the athlete’s heart (i.e. Morganroth Hypothesis) and vessels (i.e. athlete’s artery)
  • Evidence for the impact of exercise training/rehabilitation to improve fitness and cardiovascular function for clinical groups.
  • Introduction of novel technology to examine cardiac dynamics (strain-volume loop) and vascular function (carotid artery reactivity).
  • Introduction of novel strategies, including ischaemic and exercise preconditioning, to optimise protection against development of cardiovascular disease and events.
Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science

In 2018, LJMU became a founding partner, with the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Health Partners and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, within the Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science (LCCS). The mission of the LCCS is to support the citizens of the Liverpool city region to live healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. This will be achieved through strong research collaboration, training and development as well as public engagement activities. The LCCS is a unique venture, with the ability for immediate impact on patient’s life. Find out more information about the Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science.


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