Coaching and Pedagogy Research Group

The coaching and pedagogy research group (CaPRG) aims to take a multidisciplinary approach to developing research in the areas of coaching and teacher education, pedagogical approaches to practice and issues linking to social justice and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Watch the video below from research group lead Dr Amy Whitehead:

For any enquires please contact Dr Amy Whitehead as the group lead.


Our research aims to make positive changes to coach, teacher and practitioner development and inform policy and practice to improve people’s lives. We provide multidisciplinary approaches to our research with the aim of solving real world problems and pride ourselves in collaborating with industry partners.

Faq Items

Outdoor PE Project



Small-sided Games in Football Training

Special Olympics

Multidisciplinary approach to coaching Laser Run

Caring Culture in Sport Coaching

Think Aloud and Coach Reflection

Improving young children’s physical and cognitive outcomes through a gamified at-home intervention

Warrington Youth Rowing Club Project

Postgraduate Research

Our postgraduate students study a range of PhD’s and Professional Doctorates in the areas of coaching, education, and pedagogy. In addition to applying multiple approaches in areas such as sport psychology, nutrition, physiology and strength and conditioning to coaching and teaching practice. For more information on postgraduate study with us please see our Postgraduate research opportunities in Sport and Exercise Science webpage.

Current students

Current students

Amy Elizabeth Hardwick

Andrew Newland

James Bush

Jason Doggett

Jenna Louise Rice

Jono McPhail

Sam Richardson

Steven Vaughan

Former students

Former students

Noel Dempsey

Reece Chapman

External Engagement

We are always trying to make our research transferable to the intended population. Therefore, our team are busy engaging in creating edited books, book chapters, blogs, podcasts, and online webinars:

Faq Items




Industry collaborators

Our research team work collaboratively with national and international organisations. In addition, we work collaboratively with researchers across the world in attempt to bring multicultural perspectives to our research. We are also open to working with new collaborators and if you or your organisation would like to discuss further, please contact Dr Amy Whitehead

  • Association for Physical Education
  • Blackburn Rovers Football Academy
  • British Cycling
  • British Educational Research Association
  • British Modern Pentathlon
  • Coaches’ association of Ontario
  • Disability Alliance
  • Disability Sport Wales
  • England Cricket Board
  • England Netball
  • International Council for Coaching Excellent

  • Saint Helen’s Rugby Football League Club
  • Special Olympics Great Britain
  • Special Olympics International
  • Sport Northern Ireland
  • The English Football Association
  • The English Rugby League Association
  • UK Coaching
  • UK Sport
  • Union International Federation of Pentathlon Modern
  • West Ham Women’s Football Club

Past events

PESSPA Summer Event

Cluster for Research into Coaching Symposium

Research Visit from Norwegian University of Science and Technology colleagues


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Related Networks

Physical Activity Exchange

Disability Sport and Physical Activity Network (DisSPA)

Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity Network (PESSPA)

Football Exchange

Football Exchange Women’s Network

Postgraduate students

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