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Physical Activity Exchange

Delivering world-class research and applied solutions for better health and well-being

The Physical Activity Exchange brings together research, policy and practice that impacts physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health across the life-course.

Physical Activity ExchangeFor over 20 years we have successfully worked in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations, providing a broad range of research, education and consultancy services.

You can follow our updates on twitter: @LJMUPAEx.

For any enquires please contact Dr Lynne Boddy, PAEx Lead:

What we do

We work together with funders, commissioners, practitioners, service users and participants to co-produce evidence-based interventions that are feasible, have impact and are sustainable in the real world.

Our research uses the best available science, employing mixed methods approaches to understand and change behaviour in populations across the life-course and health-span. 

We work across multiple settings including schools, workplaces, NHS trusts, community organisations, and with families to conduct robust, timely and impactful work. Our work has received national and international recognition for its impact and rigour as evidenced by 5* REF impact case studies and international awards.

How we work

  • We research and evaluate the effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on health and well-being
  • We use robust scientific measures to provide information on levels of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health
  • We explore factors that affect participation in physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • We design, implement and evaluate interventions to change behaviour
  • We work collaboratively with our external partners to translate evidence into policy and practice

Please visit our staff profiles to view our current research interests and recent publications:

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13 papers found

  • Journal article

    5-Year prognostic value of the right ventricular strain-area loop in patients with pulmonary hypertension.

    Hulshof HG, van Dijk AP, Hopman MTE, Heesakkers H, George KP and Oxborough DL and Thijssen DHJ

    Publish date:06/07/2020 00:00:00

  • Journal article

    Skill Acquisition Methods Fostering Physical Literacy in Early-Physical Education (SAMPLE-PE): Rationale and Study Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial in 5–6-Year-Old Children From Deprived Areas of North West England

    Rudd J, Crotti M, Fitton Davies K, O'Callaghan L, Bardid F, Utesh T, Roberts S, Boddy L, Knowles Z, Foulkes J, Watson P, Pesce C, Button C, Lubans D, Buszard T and Walsh B and Foweather L

    Publish date:17/06/2020 00:00:00

  • Journal article

    Temporal dynamics of sitting behavior at work

    ten Broeke P, Olthof M, Beckers D, Hopkins N, Graves L, Carter S, Cochrane M, Gavin D, Morris A, Lichtwarck-Aschoffa A, Geurts S and Thijssen D and Bijleveld E

    Publish date:15/06/2020 00:00:00

  • Journal article

    Validity and reliability of subjective methods to assess sedentary behaviour in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

    Bakker EA, Hartman YAW, Hopman MTE, Hopkins ND, Graves LEF, Dunstan DW, Healy GN and Eijsvogels TMH and Thijssen DHJ

    Publish date:15/06/2020 00:00:00

  • Journal article


    Leo DG, Jones H, Murphy R, Leong JW, Gambling T, Long AF and Laine J and Perry DC

    Publish date:01/05/2020 00:00:00

  • Journal article

    Left ventricular remodelling in elite and sub-elite road cyclists.

    Brown B, Millar L, Somauroo J, George K, Sharma S, La Gerche A and Forsythe L and Oxborough D

    Publish date:18/03/2020 00:00:00