Rapid force production in football players 

Can you help us out with this study?

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences are researching the muscle-tendon properties that influence rapid force production in elite football players. You are being invited to take part in this study as the control population.

Who can take part?

  • Male
  • Between 18-25 years old
  • Recreationally-active footballer
  • Free from any lower limb injury in the past three months
  • No habitual history of resistance training
  • Non-smoker

If interested you would need to:

  • visit the Sport and Exercise Science laboratories in the Tom Reilly Building (Byrom Street Campus) on three separate occasions
  • the first visit would be a one-hour familiarisation session
  • the second two visits would each be two-hour testing sessions
  • testing and familiarisation will involve assessment of calf muscle strength, muscle size measurements of the calf using ultrasound and a series of jumps and sprints as performance measures

Benefits of participating:

  • From this testing you can receive an individual physiological profile that relates to your ability to produce power in a variety of movements. This would include information relating to your muscle size, strength, ability to produce rapid force and the elastic nature of your tendon
  • You can also gain an insight into the research currently being conducted in elite footballers

More details of this study can be found in the participant information sheet. If you wish to participate in this study or have any further questions about the study, please contact: D.C.Robshaw@2016.ljmu.ac.uk.