Ethnically Diverse Staff Network

What is the LJMU Ethnically Diverse Staff Network and what do they do?

The LJMU Ethnically Diverse Staff Network is open to staff who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, in the first instance.

Allies (people who support Race/Ethnicity-equality) are occasionally invited to attend meetings, when appropriate.

The purpose/responsibility of the network is to:

  • provide a safe and confidential environment to meet other Ethnically Diverse Academic and Professional Services staff and share experiences, opinions, concerns and ideas
  • provide opportunities to inform and influence the University’s policies about Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity academic and support staff
  • provide creative and clear pathways to encourage promotion to higher grades
  • help create a culturally inclusive campus
  • signpost information about research and policy development
  • discuss, question, challenge and promote race equality and diversity

Useful Information 

What does Ethnic Diversity mean?

Ethnic Diversity refers to people from a variety of cultural and diverse backgrounds. A person's ethnicity is the cultural agent that includes beliefs, nationality, language, or ancestry that give a person a distinct sense of belongingness amongst a group.

The Ethnically Diverse Staff Network is a dedicated space for LJMU staff who identify as a member of the Ethnically Diverse community.

Get involved in the network

Students are encouraged to join the JMSU Ethnically Diverse Community.