Staff Disability Network

What is the Staff Disability Network and what do they do?

The LJMU Staff Disability Network is open to staff who identify as having a disability (physical, hidden, mental and long-term health conditions), in the first instance.

Allies (people who support disability-equality) are occasionally invited to attend meetings, when appropriate.

The purpose/responsibility of the network is to:

  • provide a safe and supportive environment in which to discuss issues relating to Disability Equality
  • provide support and networking opportunities
  • share best practice around disability equality
  • contribute to disability policy development across the University
  • contribute to staff development and awareness raising in relation to disability equality
  • ensure the group has a credible presence for the disabled staff community through the membership and participation of disabled staff

Useful Information

What is Disability?

By definition (under the Equality Act 2010) you are disabled if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.

  • "Substantial" refers to a condition that is more than minor or trivial (for example, it takes much longer than it usually would to complete a daily task)
  • "Long-term" refers to a period of 12 months or more (for example, a breathing condition that develops because of a lung infection)

The Staff Disability Network is a dedicated space for LJMU staff who identify as a member of the Disability community.

Get involved in the network

Students are encouraged to join the Disabled and Neurodiverse Student Community.