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Issue: Training

Session: One day course delivery

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Barbour ABI worked with the Faculty of Engineering and Technology to Develop Bespoke Training.


Barbour ABI provides construction intelligence to UK businesses, including economic reviews, market insights and also the up to date provision of business leads from building and construction. 


When new people join the Barbour ABI team, and when the construction landscape changes, the team are given bespoke professional training, developed by LJMU and delivered by Dr. Wilfred Masuwa Matipa, Senior Lecturer in Total Cost and Construction Management from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at LJMU. 


Head of Department for Built Environment, Professor Michael Riley, first began the relationship with Barbour ABI in 2008 to train new employees with a one day course on the built environment, so that staff were in a better position to advise their clients. Dr Matipa commented: 

“Every year the course is adapted as statistics change, the GDP changes and the landscape of the construction industry changes, I feel privileged to be in a position to take the lead on course content for Barbour ABI.” 


The one day course is delivered in a Training Room on site and is an intensive one day programme which has received very positive feedback from the attendees. Last year, the company needed two days of training to reach all the required staff. 

The course is developed by working closely with the client and having the audience’s level of knowledge in mind. The content is designed to keeps staff up to speed and in shape in terms of expertise on the developments taking place in the construction industry. 

Dr Matipa continued:

“The process of bespoke professional training development involves understanding what information the client would like to convey to their staff, being mindful of the audience and specifically their current level of knowledge. We would then put together a proposal for consideration, everything is tailored specifically for the client’s needs.”

“The experience of delivering the training is motivating and up-lifting as you are making a positive impact people’s development, there’s no better feeling as a teacher, that, and knowing that you are doing your best for your client too.”

Professor Michael Riley, Head of Department for Built Environment: 

“The development of the relationship with Barbour ABI is an excellent reflection of our strategy to align strongly with industrial partners and to maximise the potential for knowledge transfer based on the academic strengths of the department, which is recognised as a national centre of excellence in construction and property education.”


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