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Client: BIC Technology

Issue: Funding information and strategic guidance

Session: Project

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BIC Technology collaborated with LJMU's General Engineering Research Institute.

Company overview

BIC Technology is a supplier of radiation detection equipment to industries in the UK and abroad. BIC Technology design and develop instruments for customers, as well as acting as a distributor for quality products.


Due to the high costs associated with developing new products, the General Engineering Research Institute (GERI) was able to identify potential funding opportunities for BIC Technology and assist with the funding application process.

Previous government business support agencies, such as Business Link, had disbanded and BIC Technology were unsure about the support available. Consequently, BIC Technology came to LJMU for business support assistance.

What did GERI do?

Speaking about why BIC Technology wanted to work with GERI, the company explained that GERI's services offered tangible assistance and good advice at no cost to the business.

GERI helped develop business plans and grant applications. BIC Technology were thus able to take a more structured approach. GERI also conducted research using LJMU's laser facilities on behalf of BIC Technology.


  • Successfully secured £40,000 to carry out product development by submitting a funding application to Innovus

  • BIC Technology adopted a structured approach to business plans and grant applications

  • BIC Technology had access to useful networking opportunities

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Work with us:

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"GERI offered structured meetings with successful outcomes, along with useful networking opportunities."

Mike Scott -
Founder of BIC Technology